Ligue des Grands Lacs


The constitution of the Ligue des Grands Lacs is inspired by the constitution of the Franco-Ontarian hockey tournament.



Objectives :

  • Giving Franco-Ontarian students the chance to meet up and socialize with one another.
  • Providing Francophone students in the region a chance to participate in a sporting event of francophone character.
  • Developing among Francophones in the region, pride in their language, their school, and their region.

Participation :

  • All francophone schools in the region can participate in the league.


Productivity: (9 points)

  • 2 pts for the team that wins a period
  • 1 pts for each team for a tied period
  • 3 pts for the winning team
  • 1.5 pts for each team in tie game

Behavior : (6 points)

  • 4 pts for a match with 0 to 3 minor penalties
  • 3 pts for a match with 4 minor penalties
  • 2 pts for a match with 5 minor penalties
  • 1 pts for a match with 6 minor penalties
  • 2 pts for a match with no major penalties
  • 0 pts for a match with 1 or more major penalties

Scorekeeper Responsibilities :

  • Each team must bring their own scorekeeper for each match.
  • The scorekeepers must hand in the game sheet r immediately after a match to the coach or person responsible.

Coach Responsibilities:

  • The home team’s coach is expected to fill out thegame sheet first, and then hand it in to the opposing team’s coach.
  • The visiting team’s coach is expected to give the game sheet to the scorekeeper of that match.
  • The winning team’s coach is expected to give the scorekeeper to the person in charge of the league’s website.

Specific Rules / Règlements Spécifiques

The rules of the A.C.H.A. are subject to the following changes.

CHA Rules in effect with following changes…

  1. Red line used for icing purposes only
  2. Each team has a 30 sec time out per game.
  3. A player with 3 minor penalties is ejected from the game only
  4. A player given a major penalty for roughing, cross checking, high sticking, spearing fighting butt ending, dropping gloves with intentions of fighting hitting from behind is automatically ejected for the game and the following game. The suspension will double for second offense and third time player is expelled from the league.
  5. A player serving a minor penalty must completely serve his time even if opposing team scores. His team may return to full strenght after a goal has been scored on them.
  6. The point system determines all outcomes of games including playoffs.
  7. In a playoff situation if point system is tied, there will be a 5 minute overtime periode 3 on 3.
  8. A penalty call in overtime adds a player to the unpenalized team
  9. A tie in the standings will be broken with the following:
    1. Team discipline
    2. Most wins
    3. Least amount of losses
    4. least goals against
    5. Heads or Tails
  10. All games are played with two referees
  11. PLayers involved in an altercation following a game either on the ice during the hand shake or between dressing rooms will be suspended for 2 league games.
  12. A player must have participated in at least 4 regular schedule games. A player that played in the first league date but was injured and unable to play until playoffs is eligible to play.
  13. A 10 minute misconduct penalty counts as a minor penalty on the scoresheet