Great Lakes Hockey League


Next league date is December 6th

Secondary Schools info

Please confirm asap your participation in the Couguar Cup tournament December 6th.

League play will move over to Mississauga for remainder of the season...see links at bottom of the page

Elementary Schools

League play will be mostly at Tomken arenas ...see lincs at  bottom of the page.

LHFP Adult Division

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Great Lakes Hockey League

Welcome to the Great Lakes Hockey League website. This league has been around since 1999. It was inspired by the Couguar Cup tournament of 1996. Our goal has always remained the same - to allow the young francophone students of Southern Ontario an opportunity to interact with one another while enjoying one of our country's greatest!

Our high school and elementary matches are played at the PFFC and Iceland arenas in  Mississauga.  See arena links at bottom of the page.

Great Lakes Hockey League

The League's Officials Are

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Richard Pleau

Secondary Schools

Luc Filion

Elementary Schools

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